Norescience Biotechnology Co., Ltd. specializes in the agent and consulting services of medical device registration, cosmetics registration and drug registration.

Norescience was jointly established by Wanzhongtong (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. and Huakecell Biotechnology Co., Ltd., which engaged in medical technology and product for many years, having basic biological laboratory, bio-pathological animal laboratories, providing the registration of cosmetics, drug and medical devices, clinical laboratory testing and other technical services. At the same time, Norescience gathers kinds of professionals, relying on colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, testing institutions, clinical institutions, certification institutions and relevant experts and scholars, integrating the advantages of all parties, inheriting the spirit of professional, rigorous and honest enterprise, and striving to become the leader of medical equipment industry, creating new value for the medical industry.

The company has accumulated rich experience in clinical trials, CER and registration of high-end medical devices, which are unmatched by other companies around the world. With the development of our company, we can provide various services for different customer. There is a standard biological lab and  two nearly 3,000 square meters with a sound quality management system of 10,000-level clean GMP workshop, which give us more confidence to provide the best services for your company in China.

Quality is the basic principles of our activities, and it could also determine the customer satisfaction.

We will provide the best service to assist you to enter the Chinese market.

Therefore, the best way of customers hoping to get long-term solution is to choose our company to provide you with high-quality, high-value services.

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